How to remove Bitcoin virus [Removal guide]

I've got a Bitcoin mining virus ( Bird Miner )

I recently downloaded about 10 different things which turned out to all have virus’ attached to them.
I downloaded ComboCleaner and paid for the premium. It detected a Virus’ which I deleted but I noticed I had an application called ‘Crowd Exclusive’ which is also a virus but ComboCleaner never picked up on that.
I am paranoid that there are other hidden virus’ that my antivirus programs can not detect. What should I do?
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Bitcoin mining virus on my laptop, mines when idle for a few minutes

I've got a gaming laptop - Acer Predator Helios 300
I recently noticed that after a few minutes left idle, the fans would spin up, and the temps would be pretty high. Whenever I moved the mouse, it stopped, and temps went back down, along with the fans. On checking it further, something was indeed using the CPU as well as the discrete Nvidia GPU when the laptop was idle.
The process using it was called 'updatedg.exe'.File location as follows : -
C:\Users\MYNAME\AppData\Roaming\AppContainer\Storage\microsoft.microsoftedge_8wekyb3d8bbwe\Children\001\Internet Settings\cpu
There are a bunch of dlls in the same folder, as well as text files. The contents of the text files clearly show that this is all meant to crypto mine. They lay out a bunch of parameters and explanations and whatnot.
Deleting this stuff does no good as it will just return after restart, or atleast after a while. There are a couple of results from the internet about 'updatedg.exe', including a couple of reddit threads talking about the same. I haven't been able to get rid of mine. I've tried many anti-malware, adware, antivirus toolkit that have been recommended for these kinds of things. Kaspersky rootkit, MBAM, MB Adware cleaner, the ones that come in tronscript (tronscript), and a bunch of others I forgot. MBAM didn't even flag the mining stuff when I scanned it specifically.
Also, when opening the file location, from the directory '001' and it's parents, the folders show as completely empty. This is the case all the way to the 'AppContainer' Folder. AppData\Roaming won't even show this AppContainer folder, even with hidden enabled. Same thing for the children directory in that file address. However, if you get to the 'Internet' folder, it shows it's subdirectories (Settings/CPU). Why is it like that ?

Currently I've stopped it by creating a 'DisallowRun' entry for the executable in the registry. It seems to be working. However, I'm worried about the fact that the PC is infected... I don't want to reinstall windows if possible. If anyone has any tips or recommendations on software to run or anything else, I'd be really grateful. Also, Is there any way I can get more information about what is causing it ?
EDIT: Checked task scheduler (thanks Qsypoq), found a task called 'RTKPLC' that was running the file in the location. I deleted the task.

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Have i got a bitcoin mining virus or is this normal?

as you can see the ram dont add up

they have expected amount of ram usage but it doesnt add up properly
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Bitcoin mining Virus from Yahoo Safer & extra worthwhile options within the description! Best1

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Bitcoin mining Virus from Yahoo Safer & extra worthwhile options within the description! Best1

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Bitcoin mining Virus from Yahoo Safer & extra worthwhile options within the description! Best1

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Bitcoin Mining Virus (w/Images) - Report and Questions:

Relevant Specs:
I have recently fallen victim to a virus which I BELIEVE is a bitcoin mining virus that was put on my pc. I don't know where it come from, and I don't know how much information you want, but let me try to describe it as best as I can.
I found a very sketchy idling process called smoker_bfg_1zcontrol.exe. This process is running at low usage, ~3,300kb and doesn't do much of anything. This was the first flag to me. After doing a google such for the name I turn up nothing, which typical just rando named viruses.
Now what really sets me off: Today I stepped out of my room while playing GW2 and noticed that my GPU usage was sitting at 99%. This struck my as horribly odd, that never happens. I sat down and moved my mouse and it went right back down. I checked MSI afterburner and saw that my GPU ran at 99% load for ~1m 20s. Finally, I knew something was fishy.
Before I get into the next part, let me add: This will not happen if I have task manager pulled up.
I pulled up resource monitor and let my machine idle again and I found this process that spiked up after smoke_bfg_1zControl chewed up some cpu. This odd process of course committed suicide immediately after I pressed print screen, but that's okay! Gotcha sucker.
Now, a final note, I ran MalwareBytes pro and decided I would do a full scan to see if anything showed up: I found this after the scan that was attached to that creepy .exe again!
I removed the found viruses, and I'm going monitor it to see if my problems resides, and I'll edit this post with my results, but I made this as a sort of PSA I guess, and just to see if anyone else thinks that my problems will be over, and if this is a bitcoin miner. I don't want people mining for coins I won't get!
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: What’s happening with the bitcoin mining virus inbuilt? /r/RingOfElysium

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Hidden bitcoin mining "virus" found on my rig

I have a rig that I leave mostly alone and run a few ATI cards with GUIMiner. I am in no way a dedicated Miner. Today I was using that computer and stopped the mining, I left it idle for a few came back and the display driver had crashed.
It started doing to every 2-3 minutes at random. I started troubleshooting and noticed the GPU spike to 99% when the mouse was idle. I opened Task manager and watched it. A process appeared called ietuil using 25% cpu and corresponding to the GPU spike as it would disappear upon using the computer. I traced it back to a folder called Temporary on the root of C:\
I tried to pull info from the miner to see where it was pointing however it was cleverly hidden. The miner in question was Reaper for sure I could tell by the file structure.
So just so everyone knows if there is an exe called ieutil.exe look into right away as AV does NOT pick this up yet. Also has anyone else ran into this I thought I was doing a good job on watching what i was installing.
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Did you heard about the spy bitcoin mining virus?

Well, a few days ago, i saw a post on a news website. It was about a virus in Raspberry Ri. The hackers crack your SSH/FTP username & password and upload their mining software. After that they also change main password of your Pi. I have 2 Raspberry Pi's in my home(1 Pi Zero, 1 Pi 3). Recently, i was trying to learn Python in Pi 3 and i noticed the processor is always %100 used and temperature is about 60 degrees Celsius. And i think my Pi is infected. I have very sensitive data in my Pi(such as family photos, recovery codes, access keys for other stuff in my pc) so i keep it closed. With its Wi-Fi open/Internet cable connected, temperature goes up and processor gets used. So i am pretty sure about it got infected. I'm really new in Linux and i wonder if there is a way for monitoring which programs are running on background and removing the software from Raspberry Pi?
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Bitcoin mining virus detected by webroot

Hi there, Almost every time I turn my computer on, I get a notification by webroot that I have a bitcoinminer virus located in my C:windows/temp folder. I have tried to delete these files, and I have used webroot to perform several deep scans, and have had it remove any threats that it found but the problem persists. I have also tried seeking help on the internet, and have tried restarting the computer in safe mode and deleting the files it creates in the temp folder, my appdata folder, and also looking in the registry for anything that I dont recognize and disabling it, however I didn't find anything in the registry. I am running windows 10 Home on a custom built computer from ibuypower. A screenshot of my temp folder is located here with the file names: Thank you.
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Found a bitcoin mining virus, all the info is in plaintext. Anyway to disrupt it?

I noticed my gpu was running at 82% load while idle and thought something was up. I found a suspicious program called "user.exe" running and when i ended it the load stopped, so i looked for that and found it in ~/appdata/roaming/microsoft/windows/startup
It is some sort of pheonix bitcoin virus. for some reason all the config is in plaintext.
[general] autodetect = +cl -cpu verbose = False backend = http://TeamFoX_Baws:[email protected]:8344 failback = 0 queuesize = 1 queuedelay = 5 statusinterval = 1 ratesamples = 10 logfile = False [cl:0:0] autoconfigure = False kernel = opencl name = GPU 0 start_undetected = False disabled = False worksize = 256 vectors = True vectors4 = False bfi_int = False goffset = True fastloop = True aggression = 2 [cl:0:1] autoconfigure = False kernel = phatk2 name = GPU 1 start_undetected = False disabled = False worksize = 256 vectors = True vectors4 = False bfi_int = True fastloop = False aggression = 2
It seems this user also found it about a month ago.
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Bitcoin mining virus questions.

Tl;dr Recently I was victim to what I believe to be a rather nasty Bitcoin mining virus. I have since completed two full wipes/reformats of my system's SSDs, yet my issues persist. I have also: wiped and formatted all USB devices (my two flash drives used for OS and BIOS install, respectively), flashed my motherboard's latest BIOS, completed full scans with Kaspersky Antivirus and Malwarebytes Antimalware (both of which have detected nothing), and swapped motherboards. I am starting to think I may have a rootkit buried somewhere deep in my computer but to be honest I have no idea where to look.
My troubleshooting process:
The reason I noticed this virus was high GPU temperatures while supposedly idle, seen after upgrading a couple components in my system (new motherboard, new CPU AIO cooler, and new GPU). That, coupled with my motherboard (Asus Z170I Pro Gaming) emitting siren-esque noises, lead me to begin troubleshooting. First I discovered running my CPU AIO cooler (EK Predator 240) at above 20% fan and pump speed was triggering the siren noise. After some googling around, I gathered that: I needed to update my chipset drivers, my CPU cooler was not cooling properly, or one of my components was failing or likely to fail. Updating drivers brought about no change, my CPU temps were fine (33C), and my BIOS and QCode display were not showing any errors or warnings, so those theories were out. As far as the high GPU temps, after mucking around in my Task Manager, Network Monitor, and MSI Afterburner, I noted that something was kicking my GPU's core and memory clocks up and down periodically (all while remaining hidden from my Task Manager), in addition to sending data to and from my computer via WiFi. Turning WiFi off helped with data transfer, but I was still seeing high GPU temps and usage at idle. I uninstalled my GPU drivers and removed my card, rebooted my system and now my CPU was now exhibiting high temps and usage at idle. Some more googling and now I have decided I must have some sort of Bitcoin mining virus. Running Kaspersky and Malwarebytes picked up nothing unusual so I powered off my system, reflashed my mobo's BIOS, wiped my SSDs, reinstalled Windows 10 and noticed the same issues as above. Thinking maybe my motherboard was somehow compromised beyond a BIOS virus, I switched back to my previous motherboard (Asus Maximus VIII Impact), performed another system wipe and OS install, and still had the same issues.
I don't know what to do now, I have tried just about everything I can think of to rid my computer of this virus to no avail. My question for you all, what can I do to fix this, and more importantly how can I go about finding where I got this virus from?
Edit: I have now zero wiped my SSDs and USB drives, and am in the process of reinstalling my OS again. I have deconstructed my entire system and rebuilding with old components (old CPU cooler, motherbord, RAM, and GPU), the only thing I cannot switch out is my CPU, as it is the only I have.
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bitcoin mining virus

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Do I have a bitcoin mining virus (screens attached)

I know a GTX 680 is old, but it doesn't take full throttle to render the task bar, does it...?
Screen (idle). Ignore chrome as I opened that a sec before I took the shot.
You can see that my GPU is going haywire for no reason, chrome doesn't make a difference as it does the same in idle.
Here's the catch - the GPU only revs up when i'm not around the computer...aka when I leave the room.
I'll leave and it's 29* at 300mhz, come back and it's 75* at 1000mhz+....
I'll admit, I torrented my copy of Windows 10 because I was sick of Microsofts activation bullshit not working (I own geniune 7 Home Premium). Is that the reason why? Should I reformat/rewipe with a fresh ISO? The install is only 1 week old anyway but it's been plauged with issues.
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SA white hackers disable Bitcoin-mining virus

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Bitcoin Mining Virus/Trojan Removal

Hi There Unfortunately on this machine it appears i have a trojan/virus that i cant work out how to remove. A bit of info on it: It runs about 1min after pc idles mining bitcoins. It generates a startup thing each time i restart the pc to make sure it runs (Called Help) Uses an exe files located in C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\InstallDir called help.exe. i cant do anything to remove it, its quite frustrating, From deleting that exe, deleting the 2 bitcoin programs it places in the appdata folders (minerd.exe) and cminer, stopping the startup process from running at start up (it creates a new one) I just cant work out how to get rid of it. Quite a pain. Any help would be great.
Virustotal of it :
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Got a BitCoin mining virus through java

I went to a website which asked for a JAVA plugin. I clicked on the link to the website (JAVA website) and the website seemed completely legit. I installed JAVA. After sometime my GPU fan (in my laptop) started running. Nothing unusual. I wasn't running any games but still my laptop started heating. The temperature went pretty high. I had to turn my laptop off. I started it again after some time. It started heating again. My fan was running all along. I got a virus alert in MSE and I deleted it without seeing what it was. Turns out it deleted my MicrosoftSecurityEssentials.exe. I haven't been able to install MSE again. I installed Avast instead. Avast found two threats one of which was named along the lines of "Mining BitCoin". I deleted both the threats. My Laptop is still heating and my internet connection has become really slow (5-6 kbps). My Laptop is slower too. I ran Avast again and didn't find any virus. I uninstalled Avast. I tried installing it again but couldn't. I ran Windows in safe-mode to install Avast again. Scanned again. Didn't find any virus. GPU is still heating. Any help?
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In an ironic twist Watch Dogs torrent is infected with a Bitcoin mining virus

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How much damage could a bitcoin mining virus have left on my hardware?

about a week ago I foolishly installed a program that contained a bitcoin mining virus. I only now noticed it when I saw that my GPU was under heavy loads during idle time. (99% activity and 69° temp)
I'm about to reinstall my windows, but I'm still kinda paranoid about whether the week it has been running on my PC has caused any damage to my GPU ? I have a R9 390 Sapphire Nitro.
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In the news • [2016-08-15] Bitcoin Mining Virus Targets Linux Machines

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Hey Reddit, my computer has a bitcoin mining virus. Supposedly my virus scan found and removed it, but the miner still opens when I boot up my computer. What do I do?

I figure if anyone can help me figure this stuff out, it's Reddit. Also, pardon my complete ignorance of how computers work.
So I boot up my computer this morning and all of a sudden a little window pops open that appears to be something called Ufasoft bitcoin miner. I didn't put this on my computer, so I immediately called fishy business and did some digging around on the internet. Turns out it's a virus (as I predicted) and my virus scanner (SuperAntiSpyware if it matters) finds it and removes it.
But it still opens when I boot up my computer, and didn't show up when I ran my virus scan again.
Can anyone help me?
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Make your own monero botnet or setup your own hidden miner ... How to Find and Remove a Hidden Miner Virus on Your PC 🐛🛡️🖥️ How to Remove BitcoinMiner Malware from Your PC Infecting Myself With Crypto Malware! (Virus ... How to remove Trojan.BitCoinMiner Virus

The mining pool has the lowest share reject rate (0.15%) we've ever seen. Other pools have over 0.30% rejected shares. Furthermore, the pool has a super responsive and reliable support team. Bitcoin is Secure. Bitcoin miners help keep the Bitcoin network secure by approving transactions. Mining is an important and integral part of Bitcoin that ensures fairness while keeping the Bitcoin network stable, safe and secure. Links. We Use Coins - Learn all about crypto-currency. Bitcoin News - Where the Bitcoin community gets news. Mining for Bitcoin is like mining for gold—you put in the work and you get your reward. But instead of back-breaking labor, you earn the currency with your time and computer processing power. “Miners”, as they are called, essentially upkeep and help secure Bitcoin’s decentralized accounting system. Bitcoin Virus is malware and a potentially unwanted program (PUP) designed to mine Bitcoin cryptocurrency without permission. Cyber criminals use this malware to generate revenue by stealthily misusing system resources. In most cases, it infiltrates systems without users' consent. As well as mining cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Virus might ... BitCoin miner virus or BitCoin mining virus is a dangerous malware that may use your CPU and/or GPU to obtain BitCoin cryptocurrency by mining illegally. Cryptocurrency miners keep hitting computers and trying to use their resources to generate revenue for their developers.

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Make your own monero botnet or setup your own hidden miner ...

This is for educational purposes only, don't abuse this knowledge. Learn how to earn money spreading around hidden monero miners. Download here: https://driv... 👍 Watch how to remove a hidden Bitcoin mining virus from your computer. If you noticed that your computer – while you’re not using it - still behaves as if i... Join me on this crazy cryptocurrency adventure! In this channel, we'll discuss cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum) and discuss the latest trends. Best ... How to remove popups / virus / malware / and adware on Windows XP/Vista/7 for free - Duration: 18:36. Prime Tech 194,081 views. 18:36. Before You Start Mining Bitcoins in 2015[Things to Know ... How to manually remove these little performance ruining bastards. These things are becoming the new epidemic. Most anti viruses don't detect them because the...